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Efficient project management

TeamGrid enables a very efficient and clear planning of tasks and projects. Learn how to map your project structure with TeamGrid.


Individual Requirements Profile

Each team has different requirements in the processing of projects. Learn how TeamGrid adapts to your individual requirements in your personal profile settings.


TeamGrid Business Analytics

TeamGrid generates valuable data on the efficiency of employees, projects and customers from the processing of projects. Learn what metrics are provided to you by TeamGrid.


Easy migration

TeamGrid has already convinced hundreds of companies and agencies to migrate from their system to our platform. See how straightforward and easy the move to TeamGrid is.


Time tracking

TeamGrid's seamlessly integrated time tracking provides the foundation for meaningful statistics. Learn how intuitive time tracking works and how you can evaluate working hours.


Especially for agencies

TeamGrid is a complete solution for project management of customer projects. See what benefits TeamGrid has in agency deployment.


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