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Values That Are Important to Us.


Behind TeamGrid is a very special team. A team that has a lot of experience and passion. A team that consists of lateral thinkers who want to create a product that positively influences the lives of its users.
We feel that it is critical that our customers can see the DNA of our team. We want you to know our thoughts, philosophy and ideology. Therefore, we cordially invite you to take a look at our value concept below.​


We are very conservative entrepreneurs. We value stability through organic growth and profitability. We love the independence and freedom to continuously develop our product and company. We prefer to invest every possible hour in value-adding work on our product, rather than in the preparation of investor reports and the acquisition of follow-up financing.
TeamGrid was completely financed and built up by its founders. Despite numerous requests from internationally most respected investors, we have remained true to our ideology. With TeamGrid we are not concerned with bringing about an exit as quickly as possible - we want to develop a product that will lastingly help the international creative industry to work more efficiently and smarter. For this reason, we invest 100% of our sales in the further development of our platform.​


Just as in your agency business, the contributing people are the deciding factor in our company as well. For us, it does not matter which degree a person possesses, but the level of their passion - because nothing is stronger than the will and drive of an individual.
With TeamGrid we have very ambitious goals and are developing new technologies that will influence the lives of many people. With this claim one often arrives in situations in which solutions must be found for highly complex problems. That's why we love the fact that our team is made up of people who do not consider problems or uncomfortable situations as a stop sign, but instead seek solutions to smartly solve them.
But even more crucial than passion and competence is the commitment of our team to work comfortably and patiently on achieving our product milestones. The positive feedback from our thousands of users fills us with immense pride and joy.​

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