Connect TeamGrid with your favorite apps

Receive notifications in Slack

With the TeamGrid Slack integration, you receive your personal TeamGrid notification as a direct message from the TeamGrid Bot. You can also choose which events the TeamGrid Bot should inform you about.​

Connect TeamGrid streams to channels​

Connect every TeamGrid activity stream (for example, projects, contacts, tasks, or even the entire Team Stream) with a Slack channel of your choice. So you will never miss any news.​

What is Zapier?​

The paid service Zapier allows you to connect TeamGrid with hundreds of other applications to create automated workflows.​

Example of a Zapier workflow

As soon as a new support request arrives via the service intercom, a new task in the project "Support" with the title of the support request should be created in TeamGrid.​

Realtime monitoring

With TeamGrid Realtime Monitoring, you always know who is on the phone and who the phone is ringing for. Thanks to the interface, TeamGrid offers you a unique and innovative telephone experience.​

Telephony app

With the TeamGrid phone app, you will not only be able to make phone calls, but also be able to conveniently transfer calls, plan and start conference calls, record call memos, and assign phone calls to projects.​

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