More Than 200 Smart Features

Everything modern creative teams need to enhance their teamwork

Intuitive with drag-n-drop.

With the TeamGrid Tasks app you organize your and your team's tasks easier than ever. You can easily move task cards with drag-n-drop - whether you want to assign them to a colleague or you want to start the time tracking.​


Integrated drag-n-drop time tracking​

TeamGrid gives you the most intuitive time tracking application you've ever seen.​

Many smart features​

Over 40 smart functions such as Comments, checklists, subscriptions, attachments ...​

Clear task management

With the TeamGrid task boards you organize your and the tasks of your team clearly.​


Made for your business.

The TeamGrid project management has been developed especially for the organization of projects, which you carry out on behalf of the customer. No matter if agency or freelancer - the TeamGrid projects app offers you all functions to efficiently lead projects to success.​

Smart budgeting

Give each customer project a one-time or recurring monetary or time budget.​

A task board for every project​​

TeamGrid provides you with a custom, customizable task board for each project.​​

Sales and cost calculation​

​Set hourly rates for your services and get real-time insight into your projects KPIs.​


Your KPIs always in view.

With TeamGrid Business Analytics, you can see in real-time how profitable your business is. More than 100 data points are analyzed to automatically generate your most important KPIs.​

Sales calculation in real time​

TeamGrid calculates your current revenue based on project-specific hourly rates in real time​.

Cost analysis

Understand the costs of your projects and have a basis for cost optimization.​

Efficiency analysis​

Analyze the profitability of your team members and recognize optimization potential.​


All your contacts in one place.

The TeamGrid Contacts app is the central place to manage your contacts. Here you can find contact details, all the projects of a customer, the entire last communication and also have the opportunity to set budgets and billing settings.​

Customer related budgets and billing​

Deposit individual budgets for each contact
and hourly rates.​

Your smart address book​

All your contacts with all the important ones
Information in one place.​

Linking people and companies​

Associate people with one or more companies and provide contact information​.


Agency telephony has never

been smarter.​

With integrated telephony, you can see how much phone time you spend on your customers. In addition, you can bill phone times and always have an eye on who's on the phone in your team.​

Analysis and budgeting of calls​

Analyze which customers call you how much and adjust your calculation accordingly.​

Call monitoring directly in TeamGrid​

TeamGrid shows you in real-time who is on the phone in your team and where the phone is ringing.​

Automatic time tracking​

As soon as a phone call is made, TeamGrid automatically starts a time registration and assigns the customer.​


A calendar. Made for teams.

With the TeamGrid calendar, you always have the appointments of your team in view. Create appointments and link them with your employees, customers, projects and tasks.​

Smart links​

Link your appointments with customers and tasks.​

A calendar for each team member​

Each of your employees receives an independent TeamGrid calendar.​

Scheduling tasks​

Simply drag-n-drop task cards into the calendar to

set a due date.​


Work more efficiently with customers.​

The TeamGrid customer accesses are perfect if you want to involve your clients in the project work or just want to give transparency about the work progress.​

Full control

Control exactly what information and features your customer may use.​

Structured communication​

TeamGrid will show you in real-time who is on the phone in your team and where the phone is ringing.​

Shares in one click​

Share your projects with just one click for your client and control which projects he or she can access.​

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